Digital Agency Thailand

We pump customer acquisition of the world's greatest companies

We are a high-frequency testing lab. We test acquisition channels and strategies to find the most efficient and use it to grow you business

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Data-driven Digital Marketing

Why loosing time to guess who's got the best idea in the room, when we can test every idea of the room in the same time ?
We do not sell you our "knowledge of the market" we drive tests, gather results to run new tests and this is how we scale. No opinion, no BS, only data!

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Our scope of action

We provide 3 distinct approach on 3 different stages of a project

Market Study

We run campaigns to promote MVPs or fake products to measure traction based on real customer intend to accurately define the viability of your project.


We run high-frequency tests on different acquisition channels / different target audiences / different value propositions to find what makes your business skyrocket.


Once we have define the winning approach to grow your business, we run your campaigns in the long term, double down on what work best and drive constant background tests to stay aware of opportunities.

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